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Single-Origin Variety Pack


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Medium to medium dark roasted Teasia coffee - rich and vibrant body with a velvety finish. Each K Cup is high in antioxidants with zero artificial additives


Four of our favorite Teasia Coffee Single Origin roasts are now in a convenient, on the go, K-Cup form. We have harvested these beans at the peak of perfection and captured their unique flavors in a way that gives you the freshest cup from start to finish. Travel the world with us in every cup. Kenya. Brazil, Ethiopia and Sumatra all come to life in these bold medium to medium dark roasts!

Heavy body with deep berry tones, with hints of mandarin orange, stone fruit (such as peach and apricot) and subtle hints of spice.

Beans are wet-processed (or washed), where the fruit covering the beans is removed before they are dried, to ensure a clean taste and bright acidity. Our Congo Kivu beans are then given a Light roast by one of Teasia's artisanal roasters.

We roast all our beans in small batches using the most advanced (and environmentally friendly) technology available to develop the unique characteristics and flavor profiles of each coffee bean. All freshly roasted beans are packed and sealed within 24 hours to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

To preserve your beans' fresh roasted flavor for as long as possible, we recommend they be stored in an air-tight container (or very tightly seal the bag it comes in), and keep it at room temperature. Avoid light to compromise the taste of your coffee, keep them in a dark and cool location. For best results, we recommend grinding your Teasia coffee no more than 15 minutes prior to brewing!

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