Coffee Maker

The most traditional way of making coffee in the office is with a coffee maker. Because this method is popular and convenient in the workplace, you don’t need to suffer with flavorless coffee all the time. To make the best cup of joe, make sure to use the freshest coffee beans possible and make sure to grind coffee beans within 15 minutes before you brew. Any longer, your flavor will be lost.

  1. Pour 6 ounces of cold filtered water into your coffee maker per coffee maker instructions.
  2. Place filter in coffee maker basket.
  3. Grind your favorite Teasia Coffee single origin coffee beans.
  4. Power up your coffee maker.
  5. Enjoy!

French Press

There are so many ways to prepare coffee and the French Press is one of our favorites because of the excellent flavor that comes out of our single origin roasted beans. With traditional methods of coffee making, the paper filter will soak up coffee oils while the French press doesn’t soak up the flavors and will add tiny bits of coffee grounds and allows the coffee to steep in the liquids.

  1. Boil water and let it sit for about 30 seconds. 12-oz of water for a 17-oz press.
  2. Grind your coffee beans, for 12-oz of water (350 grams), grind 30 grams of beans.
  3. Pour your coffee grounds into the container then gently pour double the amount in water.
  4. Wait 30 seconds then stir your coffee gently for about 5 seconds to break up the grounds.
  5. Pour the remaining hot water into the French press. Place lid and pull the plunger all the way up.
  6. Let steep for 4 minutes. Slowly press the plunger all the way down.
  7. Pour into a mug and enjoy
  8. Use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to every 1 cup.

Cold Brew

Cold Brew is a very popular way to make coffee and the best way to enjoy it is to make it at home for friends and family. Follow these steps with your favorite Teasia Coffee beans.

  1. Finely grind your favorite single origin Teasia coffee beans and measure out a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:8 (one cup of coffee grounds to 8 cups of water).
  2. Place a filter inside your container (can be done with a Filtron, pot, etc.) and pour in your grounds.
  3. Gradually and carefully pour in your water in a circular motion.
  4. Use a butter knife or other utensil to submerge the coffee grounds.
  5. Cover and let it steep for 18-24 hours. PRO TIP: This step can be done inside or outside of the refrigerator.
  6. Strain into a large container and enjoy over ice!


The Chemex way of brewing is actually an infusion method, which is similar to the drip coffee method when it comes to body and taste. Chemex filters are thicker than the pour over methods which results in a slower brew and a richer tasting coffee.

  1. Grind 50 grams of coffee and use 25 ounces of water. (Makes 3 cups)
  2. Place your filter in on the top of your Chemex.
  3. Fully soak the filter with hot water. Swirl to help heat up the vessel.
  4. Pour the rest of the water out through the spout.
  5. Pour your coffee grounds into the filter slowly.
  6. First Pour - Add hot water to fully saturate the coffee grounds, wait 30-45 seconds.
  7. Second Pour – Pour water into filter but make sure to do it in a circular motion until the water filters through the bottom. Continue this process until you are out of water.
  8. Remove the coffee filter and enjoy!

Pour Over

The Pour Over method is simple and fast. PRO TIP: Make sure to use filtered water because if you start with poor tasting water, then your coffee won’t be tasty.

  1. Boil 20 ounces (2.5 cups) of water.
  2. Grind 36 grams of coffee beans.
  3. Place filter on top of your container (dipper, pot, coffee maker, etc.). Note: Place on a scale.
  4. Add the grounds to the filter and make sure that they are leveled.
  5. Pour hot water in a circular motion from the outer rim to the middle. Stop once the scale reaches 60 grams and let it sit for 30 seconds.
  6. Pour hot water from the middle towards the outer in a circular motion and them back to the middle. Stop once the scale hits 90 grams. Let it sit for 45-65 seconds.
  7. Pour the rest of the hot water as done in the previous step.
  8. Enjoy!

PRO TIP: Storing Coffee Beans

To preserve your beans' fresh roasted flavor for as long as possible, we recommend they be stored in an air-tight container (or very tightly seal the bag it comes in) and keep it at room temperature.

Avoid light to compromise the taste of your coffee, keep them in a dark and cool location.

For best results, we recommend grinding your Teasia coffee no more than 15 minutes prior to brewing!

Never reuse old coffee ground as all the flavors have been extracted from the beans and will result in less than desired flavors compared to the first brew.