History of


Although we may never know the exact details about the time or location, we are very happy coffee was discovered. Interested in knowing more about the legends and events that these unique beans had experienced? Check out our timeline, you’ll probably learn some interesting facts.

It all began in Ethiopia during the 6th century with a goat herder by the name of Kaldi. After consuming an unknown plant and the berries he noticed his goats had a sudden rush of energy.

After being kept up all night by the berries Kaldi introduced them to local monks who made the beans into a drink. Word of this had traveled to the Arabian Peninsula and then spread to the rest of the world. They experimented with soaking, grinding and roasting until they figured out the right method. This drink was used to help them though long prayer ceremonies.

  • 1000 A.D. – The Journal

    Physician and philosopher Avicenna Bukhara was the first to write down the medicinal information of coffee. In one entry he wrote, "It fortifies the members, it cleans the skin, and dries up the humidity’s that are under it and gives an excellent smell to all the body."

  • 1300’s A.D. – The Popularity of Coffee Begins

    The coffee plants were smuggled from Ethiopia to the Arabs due to it’s popularity and obsession. The plants were made sterile to prevent them from being able to grow their own.

  • 1600’s A.D. – Coffee Reaches Pope Clement VIII

    Coffee spread to the Vatican. The large following of the popular coffee drink led the church to presume it satanic. While inspecting the drink, the aroma tempted Pope Clement VIII into having a taste. He announced his understanding of why this drink had become so popular so quickly. Coffee was made a true Christian beverage after baptizing it.

  • 1616 A.D. –The Stolen Coffee Plant

    Dutch traders stole one of the coffee plants and took it to Europe to plant throughout their land.

  • 1670 A. D. – The Beans Reach India or The Beans Continue to Travel

    The beans were smuggled and planted in India.

  • 1727 A.D. – Coffee Travels the World

    Once the coffee plant reached India, Jamaica, Latin America, West Indies and Brazil they started to brew their own. Billions of coffee cups are consumed each day worldwide! Take a sip of appreciation for the journey these coffee plants have gone through to get to you.