Process &



We strive to work with our suppliers to promote teas of the highest standards. Our teas are selected from the highest grade tea leaves and are processed naturally so you can enjoy the purest of flavor in each cup. Our teas undergo product testing and strict quality assurance processes before they are shipped to our customers to ensure we are providing the safest and highest quality teas.

  • Tea tasting, tea selection & purchase
  • Tea Grinding
  • Sealing Process (Capsule – Filter – Foil)
  • Product Testing – Quality Control (KEURIG Machine)
  • Packaging


We drink coffee for various reasons. We love the fresh aroma when we wake up in the morning to needing that little bit of energy from caffeine. We enjoy coffee by ourselves, we enjoy it with others, and we enjoy it with food.

Teasia Coffee believes in two things: our people and our coffee. Striving to make the best cup of coffee possible we begin at the source. Our coffee beans are carefully chosen in consideration to the origin, quality and flavor profiles. The beans are sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country. Our high-quality beans are then roasted in our Southern California facility in small batches to ensure the most unique flavor profiles.

Now it’s time to take a trip around the world with our selection of coffee beans from around the world: from Africa to South America to Asia to Central America.

As always, we do our best to purchase Fair Trade beans and to provide you with organic products when available. We live, breathe and love coffee so that each cup can be the best part of your day!